What Are Size Queens?

A big dildo cannot be handled by anyone; only those who desire the deepest form of penetration usually find the most pleasure out of the simulated large dicks. Using these sex toys can leave people with particular stipulations about the penis size of future partners and a term was invented for these people who are not happy with the average male penis. A size queen is the label for those who found themselves craving only a dick that’s larger than average. Although the term originated among the gay community, anyone with this specific sexual requirement can be considered a size queen. In loose terms, a size queen can be anyone who prefers to use a big dildo or date men with extremely large dicks, but most size queens grow to demand them. Some size queens eventually choose a sexual partner solely based on the size of their dicks.

Size Queens Need a Big Dildo

Gay men who are size queens, or any man who enjoys anal play, simply get accustomed to the feel of large dicks after years of having their asshole physically expanded from anal sex. Women, on the other hand, can biologically crave large dicks. It’s said that more than half of a woman’s inner vagina does not respond to physical touch, but only to pressure and elasticity that it encounters. An oversized, big dildo can therefore satisfy a woman in ways that no human penis can. Women should not be afraid to insert something that’s too big for their vagina. The elasticity in the vaginal walls allows the proper muscles to either expand or contract to fit both small and large dicks. Plus, if a woman’s vagina can handle birthing children, it can surely handle the girth of a big dildo.

The Perks of Being a Size Queen

Pushing your body’s sexual limits can be more satisfying than you might imagine. Playing with a big dildo can allow you to determine your personal limitations, ultimately making you more confident in your sex abilities. You may even tap into sexual receptors in your vagina that you never knew existed. Once you’ve done some testing alone, discovering your sexual limits with a partner can introduce a whole new level of intimacy between you two. A woman’s body can only handle a certain length of large dicks, so after your size is determined, toy around with widths. Various girths of a big dildo can put you more in tune with the strength of your vaginal muscles.

With time and effort, you might discover that you, too, are a size queen, craving only satisfying, large dicks or a fulfilling, big dildo.

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